+ insulate, insulation
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Autor:  high_flyer [ 2008-09-09, 18:31 ]
Tytuł:  + insulate, insulation

I found a missing word:
1meaning: to protect someone or something from outside influences:
Children should be insulated from the horrors of war.
Until recently the country's economy has been insulated from recession by its reserves of raw materials.
verb: insulation

2meaning:to cover and surround something with a material or substance in order to stop heat, sound or electricity from escaping or entering:
You can insulate a house against heat loss by having the windows double-glazed.

the meanings are copied from: ... d=insulate

Autor:  thrombox [ 2008-09-12, 00:11 ]

Insulate in every day English is usually to do with warmth or protection from the elements (not really media)..

-So if "my coat is insulated.."
My coat has extra lining in it for extra warmth..

-A classic example is insulated electrical wires. They are coated wires so that you do not get electricuted...

It is not used in the case of insulating (protecting) your children from the media, but rather to do with physical protection...

Hope this helps

Autor:  jotembi [ 2008-09-20, 09:57 ]

very small children tend to leak... this is probably the only defense of the use of "insulate" instead of "isolate" with respect to humans (assuming that very small children, leaking or not, are humans which I doubt very much) ;)

the best, jotembi

Autor:  wixer [ 2008-09-21, 01:13 ]

thrombox is correct in what he /she says :wink:

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