burgomaster vs mayor
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Autor:  iwona_ox [ 2011-11-08, 20:24 ]
Tytuł:  burgomaster vs mayor

Can anyone, explain the difference between mayor and burgomaster to me, please?
sentence taken from the website: Organised once a year, this conference brings together the 147 Mayors and Burgomasters from..and so on....

Autor:  Seraph [ 2011-11-10, 06:18 ]
Tytuł:  Re: burgomaster vs mayor

Personally, I have never seen these two words used like this. Burgomaster is pretty much the same as mayor. Burgomaster is restricted to Germanic countries, though. Mayor is more Anglo-Saxon, but widely used other places. You will not encounter burgomaster a lot. So I'm not sure why these two words were used not interchangeably... Sorry, not much help here!

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