Scholarly articles on English grammar, linguistics, etc.
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Autor:  silversplit [ 2007-06-22, 13:55 ]
Tytuł:  Scholarly articles on English grammar, linguistics, etc.

chcialabym z tego zrobic doklejony temat ale nie wiem jak/nie mam uprawnien etc

jest sporo powaznych, ciekawych artykolow darmowych na temat generalnie wszystkiego, rowniez angielskiego. wiec proponuje przyklejac tutaj z krotkim opisem o czym. albo wkleic abstract (streszczenie) artykulu z tytulem plus link.

mnie interesuje coraz czestsze uzycie form progressive/continuos tam gdzie bysmy sie spodziewali form simple.
tez sie przyda nauczycielom ktorych ciagle uczniowie pytaja - dlaczego - i'm wanting, zamiast i want, etc

'Ever moving on? The progressive in recent British English'


There is a fair degree of consensus that progressive aspect has undergone a substantial growth in use in late modern English, but so far few studies have systematically exploited corpus data to reveal the extent to which changes are still going on. The availability of 'matching' one-million word corpora of recent written English, namely the British LOB and FLOB corpora dating from 1961 and 1991 respectively, and their American counterparts Brown and Frown, allows some redressing of the balance: Mair and Hundt (1995) have found that in the newspaper sections of these corpora some functions of the progressive already existing in the 1960s become more common in the 1990s. This paper aims to extend the analysis by exploring the full versions of the British corpora, looking at a wider range of variables. The most striking rise in the progressive occurs in the present tense, where it is realised by a wider range of verb types (increasingly with a contracted auxiliary verb), and appears increasingly far more in main clauses than in subordinate clauses. However, as cautioned by Mair and Hundt, the impression of 'pure' grammatical change is somewhat clouded by evidence in the written corpora of stylistic change, in particular a drift towards more colloquial speech habits. ... A9C03F70E0

Autor:  plywak_21 [ 2007-06-22, 14:02 ]

po kliknieciu na link pojawia sie taki komunikat:
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Autor:  silversplit [ 2007-06-22, 14:10 ]

o kurcze, zeczywiscie. a ja go znalazlam jako dostepny za darmo, bez potrzeby logowania sie. jeszcze raz poszukam i zobacze moze inna strone podam.

Autor:  silversplit [ 2007-06-22, 14:13 ]

ok sproboj wejsc na ta strone i tam bedzie opcja -

The full text is free.

View now:

plik jest w pdf ... 1/art00022

Autor:  plywak_21 [ 2007-06-22, 14:20 ]

okey , got it :D

Autor:  MPS [ 2007-06-24, 12:42 ]

to przyklejam, ale uje się nie kreskuje! :P

Autor:  plywak_21 [ 2007-06-25, 00:17 ]

MPS napisał(a):
ale uje się nie kreskuje! :P

napisal 'o' nie 'ó'
silversplit napisał(a):
ok sproboj wejsc na ta strone

Autor:  MPS [ 2007-06-25, 19:38 ]

diacritic semantics :P

Autor:  silversplit [ 2007-06-27, 01:07 ]

tlumaczu pisemny jezyka angielskiego - nie spamuj

Autor:  MPS [ 2007-06-27, 12:39 ]

que? :)

Autor:  plywak_21 [ 2007-06-28, 12:35 ]

oooo, veo que mps habla español también!!! :D

Autor:  MPS [ 2007-07-31, 03:04 ]

oui, oui :)

Autor:  plywak_21 [ 2007-08-03, 17:31 ]

tylko niech to nie bedzie potraktowane jako spam, ale tu jest duzo artykułów z jezykoznastwa i w ogóle spoko strona: :)

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