Suffixes part 3
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Autor:  wixer [ 2009-08-28, 11:31 ]
Tytuł:  Suffixes part 3

Cześć! Jak zwykle potrzebuję twoich pomocy

Czy te wyrażenia poprawne?

1) Szkoda żeście się spóźnili

2) Szkoda że się spóźniliście

Thanks :wink:

Autor:  Kuj2 [ 2009-08-28, 11:53 ]

Oba są poprawne, ale "waszej", nie "twoich". A w drugim zdaniu (drugim w tym poście, nie tym z numerem 2) brakuje ci orzeczenia. ;)

Autor:  wixer [ 2009-08-28, 14:06 ]

Thanks for your answer Kuj2. Of course it's ' waszej' I can't believe I made such a basic mistake :oops:

Autor:  Kuj2 [ 2009-08-28, 14:41 ]

I can. Both have the same form ('your') in English, end of story ;)

Autor:  wixer [ 2009-08-28, 22:08 ]

It's generous of you to make excuses for me, but really at this stage I should be aware of the different forms of this particular possessive pronoun . I do know them .Another favourite mistake of mine ,and I think this is common with English speaking learners of Polish, is to omit a verb when using 'czy '. Somehow it's like ' czy ' takes the place of the verb. I think I should have said : Czy wyrażenia są poprawny. 2 years in and I'm still struggling with basic sentences. Is there any hope for me ? Nie myślę że tak

Autor:  Evita [ 2009-08-29, 11:29 ]

In English questions you often use inversion when you expect yes/no answer. We rarely. Don't think about 'czy' as a word that is at the beginning of a question; if you don't want to get confused. Instead, translate it into 'whether'. Polish questions very often have the grammar construction of English embeded questions. Look at the example:
I want to know whether these expressions are correct.
Now translate the embeded part into Polish.
Czy te wyrażenia są poprawne?
You end up with a grammatically correct Polish question.

Autor:  Kuj2 [ 2009-08-29, 11:41 ]

Although it's not good to make a habit out of direct translations, that was a pretty neat trick, I admit.

wixer napisał(a):
Nie myślę, że tak

"I don't think so" translates to 'nie sądzę'. ;)

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