Could I ask you to check my work?
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Autor:  bag_of_bones [ 2008-06-09, 15:56 ]
Tytuł:  Could I ask you to check my work?


This is a multiple-choice test. I show only these sentences I have doubts about. BTW it's about making pizza. The bolded words are chosen by me.

The ingredients seem very simple/primary, pure, regular/: flour, yeast...

But water and flour can easily make (mix, construct, assemble) glue and anyone who has eaten a weak (sad, poor, short) quality pizza will know how bad it can make your stomach feel (sense, do, be).

...[someone] who serve (submit, give, deal) uneatable meals...

He has now started a pizza school in attempt to return (save, provide, deliver) the reputation of this traditional dish. As part of an intensive (extensive, extreme, intentional) course, the students at Mr X's school are taught to avoid (pass, escape, miss) common mistakes, produce[...]

If the soft part (spot, side, slice) inside the pizza is white[...]. If it is not like this, the pizza will ache (worry, upset, depress) your stomach. You will feel tightly (uncomfortably, heavily, hardly) full and also thirsty.

In Italy alone, the pizza industry (activity, body, company) has an annual turnover of...

Mr X estimates (computes, assesses, counts) that there are 10,000 jobs in pizza restaurants waiting to be filled (employed, completed, covered) by those with real skill.

Autor:  sydney66 [ 2008-06-09, 17:40 ]

-poor quality pizza

-someone who serves uneatable meals

-to save the reputation

-will upset your stomach

-feel uncomfortably full

The rest seems ok.

Autor:  bag_of_bones [ 2008-06-09, 18:11 ]


thanks a lot for the answer.

Actually, the sentence with serve should have sounded:

[the ones] who serve uneatable meals... Which means serve was OK. Sorry for misleading you.

Ok poor is OK


Autor:  wixer [ 2008-06-14, 23:57 ]

In your introduction I would have said " I will show only," or , " I am only showing , those sentences which I have doubts about. " and , "the words in bold " sounds better than " bolded " which I don't think exists :wink: But you're good, I am not worthy :lol:

Autor:  bag_of_bones [ 2008-06-15, 16:23 ]

Thanks a lot wixer!

I appreciate (and I will appreciate) all of your corrections. And not only the yours, obviously...

BTW. As far as the tenses are concerned... What is the proper tense to describe a scene from a film (in writing)? Is it Present Simple or Present Continues?

Autor:  sydney66 [ 2008-06-15, 17:03 ]

I`d say it`s Present Simple ,have a look at this script :,-The.html

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