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Autor:  pytacz88 [ 2010-10-09, 20:40 ]
Tytuł:  Proszę o sprawdzenie - two announcements

Please check these two announcements


Certificate of participation

This is to certify that Jan Kowalski (student in the third year of classes at the Computer Science Department) was one of the 'Open Source Meetup' organizers. The meeting was aimed at the promotion of Linux through professional assistance in installation and configuration process.

It was held on October 4, 2010 at Integrated Students Centre in 2.13 room at Warsaw University of Technology.



This is to certify that Jan Kowalski who is a student of Computer Science of the Faculty of Computer Science at Warsaw University of Technology, residing in Radom, Ładna 16 Street, was a volunteer at the St. Albert’s Social Welfare Hostel throughout June, 2010. His total stay is 40 hours. His responsibilities include:
• Regular visits of occupant - Jaroslaw Iksinski
• Explanation principals of the Internet and operating computer
• Teaching HTML markup language
• Offering IT help for employees and the other residents.

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