Last summer - dialog
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Autor:  maciej3 [ 2010-10-12, 19:51 ]
Tytuł:  Last summer - dialog

Proszę o sprawdzenie dialogu i jego błędów. Jeśli chodzi o małe i duże litery można pominąć.

- Hello
+Hello. Were did you spend your Holiday?
- I was in Italy.
+Why did you choose Italy?
- I chosed Italy because there is a beautiful sunshine weather.
+ Where could you have been if you hadn’t had a good weather in Italy?
- I could have been in Germany, because I have there my family.
+ Where did you go on your holiday, if you had a lot of money?
- If I had a lot of money I would go for a trip around the world.
+ If I were you I would go to Japan.
- And you, were you abroad last summer?
+ Yes, of course.
- What country did you visit?
+ I was in Germany. I visited there my uncle.
- Where could you have been if you hadn’t had there an uncle?
+ I could have been in the USA, because I have there some friends.
- Were you lazing all day long in Germany?
+ No, my uncle is a car seller and I helped him in his work.
- Is there anything that you regret you didn’t do last summer?
+ No, there is nothing that I regret. I met a lot of interesting people. It was a great time.
- Did you passed all your exams, before you went on holiday?
+ I went on my holiday when I had passed all my exams.
- I’m sorry I have to go. Bye.
+ Ok, bye.

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