An informal letter - request for check my letter for mistake
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Autor:  pand [ 2011-01-09, 12:16 ]
Tytuł:  An informal letter - request for check my letter for mistake


My English teacher wanted us to write an informal letter to Mrs. Sanders. I'm one of students who are going to take the course abroad. We're staying with Mrs. Sanders family at Brighton in UK. We have to include such information and answer to questions as you can find below:

Paragraph 1 - Thank her for her letter.
Paragraph 2 - Say when you're arriving, etc.
Paragraph 3 - Answer her other questions.
-> Is there anything you can't eat or drink?
-> Do you smoke?
-> Do you want a single room, or do you prefer to share a room with another student?
-> Are you going to go back to Russia immediately after the end of the course? If not, how many more days are you going to stay with us?

Below you can find the letter.


Słonecznikowa 15
99-999 Moscow
9th January 2011

Dear Mrs. Sanders

I’m very pleased that I’ve received the letter from you. You have many questions to me about my stay with your family. I’ll try to answer them.

The flight from Moscow to Gatwick will take about 10 hours, so I’m arriving at Gatwick airport on 15th January at 5:30 p.m. As you said it’d (it'll?) be better to get to Brighton by train on my own. I have a mobile so I’ll be able to phone you when I’ll get on the train or if something goes wrong. Unfortunately there’s a problem namely I don’t know your mobile number. You could send it me via (by?) e-mail. I’m going to check my mail box tomorrow.

I don’t want you to cook for me individually. I’ll eat every meal which you’ll prepare. You asked do I smoke. No I don’t. I’d like to get my own room if there’s a chance. I don’t like to share a room with other people because often I’m not able to find my things, also I need a silence while I study. After the end of the course I’d like to stay with you for a few days. During taking(doing?) the course I won’t have a lot of time so if I’ll pass the exam I’d like to rest well and do some sightseeing in Brighton.

Best wishes

PS I’ve received a photo of your family with this letter so I’ll be able to recognize you at the train station!


Thanks for your help!


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