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Autor:  martka5832 [ 2007-12-04, 23:53 ]
Tytuł:  prosze o sprawdzenie

Dear Madam Simpson,

I am writing to complain about the terrible my Holiday. When I was flying an aircraft the awful service by your airline when I traveling to Mexico last Monday.
When I was in Mexico I was driven to the hotel Alliance. After come at the space I went to my booked room. There was double beds but I asked truckle – bed.
Secondly I ordered a vegetarian lasagna. However, there was meat in my meal. Nextly I paid for five chairs but I booked tree chairs.
Thirdly in the brochure it was said that the hotel is situated near the sea but the beach was twenty minutes walk away.
Fourth in room wasn’t air conditioning. It was hot and sultrily. I haven’t slept. Towels and bedclothes were changed rarely. In empower there should be deck chairs but I had to paid for it.
I think allege you must ensure this hotel because they don’t answer their responsibility.

Yours faithfully

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