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Autor:  Zysio [ 2008-05-28, 10:41 ]
Tytuł:  Bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie tekstu

Poziom gimnazjum, pisałem od razu po angielsku, więc nie mam polskiej wersji tekstu.

Temat to: "Życie na wsi, w małym miasteczku czy w dużym mieście? Uzasadnij odpowiedź".

I prefer to live in a big city, mostly because small towns and villages don’t have many recreational opportunities. Villages have their charms – peace and quiet for example, but it’s not for me yet.
Sometime in the future, when I’ll be an older person, I’ll move to live on the outskirts of a city. But for now I prefer those big cities with supermarkets, clubs, restaurants and so on.
Cities have their flaws though: long distances between home and school or work for example. One can’t have everything.
There are no hairdressers or solariums in villages, while there are at least a few of these in every city.
It is also easier to find a job in bigger city, because there are many more firms looking for employers than in smaller towns or villages.
In the matter of education, bigger cities offer so much more than smaller settlements: bigger selection of schools of every level, presence of universities offering education in various fields of study. There are also other facilities, helping students in their education: libraries for example.
Cities are centres of cultural life. We can go to theatres, museums, galleries, while such places are rarely present in small towns or villages.
Big cities are also good places for people who like to… eat, because there are many different restaurants, offering food from various countries, from every corner of the world.
Small towns or villages can’t rival cities when it comes to recreation either. We’ll easily find many clubs or pubs there, suitable for different people of all ages and tastes.
This is the most important advantage of life in a big city – we can find everything we need there!

Z góry dziękuję za pomoc :).

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