nazwa przedmiotu z pedagogiki
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Autor:  Yoka [ 2008-06-18, 13:26 ]
Tytuł:  nazwa przedmiotu z pedagogiki

Jak tłumaczycie "Metody pracy korekcyjno-wyrównawczej"?

Jest to nazwa przedmiotu na pedagogice:)

Autor:  digilante [ 2008-06-18, 14:45 ]

Of the double-barrelled word, the first term is definitely "corrective", and the second is definitely "equalising" in English or "equalizing" in American.

However, I have never seen the two joined together. What I have heard are things like

"blah blah corrective, equalising classes"


"blah corrective work for equalising blah blah"

So you could say something like

"corrective, equalising methods"

Autor:  Yoka [ 2008-06-18, 18:33 ]

ok. I'll write "corrective and equalising", then.

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