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Autor:  greentaco [ 2008-10-08, 02:04 ]
Tytuł:  Translation help.

I am half Polish, but I never learned how to speak it. A friend of mine is Polish and she loves to send me messages in Polish. I can usually find some way to translate them, but this time I can't translate the whole thing. Could someone help me out. She sent me this

Jestem bardzo dumna z ciebie!! Jestes prawdziwym polakiem teraz. A na ostaki musimy sie spotkac i sie upic

Any help would be great.

Autor:  I_wona [ 2008-10-08, 02:28 ]

I am so proud of you!! Now you are a real Polish. We must meet soon (ostatki- holy in Poland, the last day enjoy before 40 days when nobody can enjoy ) and get drunk.

it's not really good but its means something like that . My English its not good yet :cry:

Autor:  greentaco [ 2008-10-08, 17:33 ]

If I knew how to say Thank You in Polish I would, but I don't so I'll say it in English. Thanks for your help.


Autor:  Exceed [ 2008-10-08, 21:46 ]

It's surely don't correct translate, but something like that :)
(with ostatki ;])

Autor:  bag_of_bones [ 2008-10-08, 22:21 ]

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