czy tak będzie poprawnie?
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Autor:  ana0608 [ 2008-11-10, 14:23 ]
Tytuł:  czy tak będzie poprawnie?

no to jak będzie poprawnie- he falled down and he faint for a one minute? Chciałabym to bardziej może ująć jako, że Upadł na podłogę i stracił przytomność na minute.

Autor:  digilante [ 2008-11-10, 15:38 ]

- He fell and was unconscious for a minute.
- He fainted and was unconscious for a minute.

Ze upadl to juz jest zrozumiane jak sie uzywa slowa "faint".

Autor:  Exceed [ 2008-11-11, 12:10 ]

He fell on the floor, and fainted for a minute.

Digilante you're 100% correct, but sometimes simple is better ;) I know, your english is too advanced to use simple sentences ;>

Autor:  Kuj2 [ 2008-11-11, 12:30 ]

Mogłoby też być 'He fell down and lost consciousness for a minute', w ten sposób lepiej się ujmie zwrot "stracił przytomność".

@Digilante: I'm not entirely sure about this but I think that if you're using a compound sentence like the first one of yours and mine here, it's slightly better to add (if possible) a preposition to the first part's noun, so that the sentence sounds a little more full - there's this slight feeling of missing something when I read to myself, 'He fell and was unconscious' aloud and then compare it to 'He fell down and was unconscious'.

Autor:  digilante [ 2008-11-11, 17:12 ]

Exceed, thanks for the, urm, compliment? :wink:

Keep in mind the issue of causality: Did he fall, and therefore faint? Or did he faint, and therefore fall? In the former case, I'm happy with your suggestion; in the latter, I'll stick with mine :wink:

Kuj2 - preposition, or just an adverb: He fainted suddenly, and was unconscious for a minute. I think it's a matter of style - I tend to subconsciously go for a more dry and formal old fashioned style; while what you suggest I would see are more flowing and readable.

Autor:  Kuj2 [ 2008-11-11, 17:16 ]

This sounds like a quote from a detective story, and in that case it's supposed to be thrilling, flowing and readable :D Still, I see your point.

Autor:  digilante [ 2008-11-11, 17:30 ]

It could equally be a medical report, an insurance report, or a legal transcript... Guessing at what it could be, without any context being specified, is probably not going to help...

Autor:  Kuj2 [ 2008-11-11, 17:37 ]

Of course ;) It was more a joke than actual argument, the thing I said. Anyway, no point making more posts, all is clear now, I guess.

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