Nigdy nie mów nigdy
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Autor:  Raphy [ 2010-04-21, 19:53 ]
Tytuł:  Nigdy nie mów nigdy

Hi Everybody!

My name is Raphaël. I am learning Polish since some few months now. Today I would watch some mowies for improve my orals understanding.
I got the DVD Nigdy nie mów nigdy (2009), unfortunately, there aren't the Polish subtitles. I'm a little bit disapointed, the English subtitles are totally useless, I cannot understand wich Polish words they use in the dialogs.

Is someone can tell me where I can find the Polish subtitles?


PS: I'm also looking for speak Polish with someone. If you are interested let me know.

Autor:  kasirek [ 2010-04-21, 21:44 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Nigdy nie mów nigdy

I can talk to you in polish, but also i'm interesting talk in english. I learn english and i want raise my english qualifications. What do you think about this and how you imagine our conversation?

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