Potato :)
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Autor:  Kamil Politowicz [ 2005-05-28, 22:02 ]
Tytuł:  Potato :)

Two college students, Jim and Johnny, are visiting Fort Lauderdale at spring break. Jim notices the other with females hanging on his every word hugging and carressing him, and he is puzzled.

That night as they bed down under the dock, he says," Hey, what is it with you, anyway? You got women all over you!"

The other whispers, " I'll tell you my secret. Slip a potato into your pants. They cannot resist you."

So the next day, Jim appears suitable adorned, and again has no luck. That night, he accosts Johnny.

"Hey man, I did what you said. I put in the potato and they still won't come near me!"

"Well, maybe there's something wrong. Let me take a look... Oh, No! Man, the potato goes in the front, man, in the front."

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