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Autor:  MPS [ 2005-02-16, 08:13 ]
Tytuł:  Ali G :)

- Ali, has becoming a movie star changed your life?
- Throughout me 'ole life I haz been unable to walk down Staines High Street wivout bein' 'assled - but dese dayz it ain't just by the fuzzy muff, traffic wardenz and spies from Maffew Arnold Skool. Unfortunately, since becumin' famous, I iz now also recognized by a lot of staff from da Spelthorne Benefitz Offices, who 'ad fought I woz actually called Leroy Baker, Gary Speddin, Rick Riley, Geoffrey Haynes or Sally Thompson, and woz unemployed, disablist, deaf, blind and a father of 10. Da effect dis has had on me income haz been disastrous.

- Now Britney is allegedly single, would you consider dating her?
- Listen up, dat geeza from Nsync might have fought she woz a virgin but me know for a fact she ain't. Let's just say dere's one night in da bogs in KFC in Egham dat I iz never gonna forget. And oops I did it again and again.

- Have you still got Madonna's phone number?
- Yes me has. Although me fink she must be on a wack network 'cause everytime I try it after I asked for her it, dere iz just a message saying, "You have dialled an incorrect number, please try again".

- Are you planning anymore of your own movies?
- I iz definitely plannin' more filmz. I iz currently writin a sripped for a remake of ET 'cept instead of an alien coming to Earth, me iz da halien and me lands on dis planet where only really, really fit girlz live and none of dem haz any clothes on and it is all very horny, and to get back to earth me has to bone home.

- What would you do first if you became Prime Minister?
- There's a few names I want to change. Berkshire would become Booyakasha, Great Britain would be renamed Wicked Britain and Tooting Broadway should be renamed Tupac Shakur-way. The first thing I would do is get rid of Wales - I would swap it for Jamaica.

- What about the transport problem?
- De tubes aint just sumfin dat me Julie has trouble wiv once a mumf, it is also a type of train dat iz rubbish and don't work. It don't take a genius to realise dat if dey put it above de ground it would go much faster wivout having to dig thru all dat cack all de time.

- Who is fitter, Destiny's Child or Mis Teeq?
- Dey iz both hexactly de same level of fitness. Both contain one who u definitely would, one who u probably would, and one who u only would if she promised to bring de other two along as well.

- How was working with Shaggy?
- In real life him speak like a girl and wear pink pants.

- Are you jealous of his success?
- OK, so 10 million albums means he has sold literally hundreds of recordz, but jealousy iz a very negative emotion. Me ain't jealous, me just hate 'im.

- Are there any more duets on the horizon?
- Me iz planning to do a duet wiv Tupac Shakur. U may fink he iz dead but me know better. Me mate Ricky C swears he saw Tupac in JD Sports in de Elmsleigh Shopping Centre in Staines. He woz buying a pair of Reebok Classics.

booyakasha! :]

Autor:  mw [ 2005-02-17, 07:11 ]

Haha, nice one. Ogladales jego filmik?

Autor:  MPS [ 2005-02-17, 12:20 ]

filmik, serial UK, serial US, the best of... :]

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