what a man wants...
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Autor:  MPS [ 2005-02-16, 08:45 ]
Tytuł:  what a man wants...

... to hear from his wife and probably never will:

* Honey, are you sure you've drunk enough beer?
* Your farts are wonderful. Do it again.
* I've decided to walk around the house naked from now on.
* Let me paint that fence.
* Shouldn't you be in the pub with your friends right now?
* You make me so horny when you're drunk.
* Of course honey, go see the game with your buddies, we can celebrate our anniversary next year.
* Look, I make enough money, why should you work then? Better learn to play poker.
* Honey, our new sexy neighbor is wearing a new mini skirt, you have to see this.
* No, no, no! I will take the car and change oil.
* I'm doing yoga excercises, so that we can do all the Kamasutra stuff.
and finally...
* Honey how about this: we'll rent some porn video, we'll buy a lt of beer, and I'll invite my girlfriends for a group sex?


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