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The Baltic Sea is our common treasure –“mare nostrum” of the European Union. For many years there was lack of care and attention for the Baltic Sea environment. Today we understand that our welfare in part depends on environmental condition in the Baltic Sea. By giving an internationally recognized status of the “Especially Sensitive Sea Area”, the states of the Baltic Sea region committed themselves to limit commercial exploitation of the seabed in order to preserve this unique but exhausted Sea for the future generations.

A new large-scale project is threatening to bring irreversible consequences to the Baltic Sea. Gas companies intend to build a 1,200 km. gas pipeline by excavating and in some areas using explosives in the seabed. Possible consequences of the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline project cause a deep and legitimate concern.

The level of pollution of the Baltic Sea is especially high. There are “death zones” in the seabed where concentration of the pollutants is so high that no form of life can survive. After the Second World War over 290,000 tons of chemical munitions, containing 14 kinds of toxic substances, have been dumped into the Baltic Sea. Over 35,000 tons of chemical weapons are deposited near Gothland and Bornholm. About 5,000 tons of chemical bombshells filled with mustard gas were dumped about 70 km. from Liepoja, Latvia. However, not all dumping sites are known.

In addition, waters of the Sea cover radioactive substances, sunken submarines with nuclear reactors and other toxic substances. Containers holding lethal mustard gas, nerves paralyzing-gas tabon and lungs irritating poison phosgene are corroding. All these and other chemicals - lead, phosphorus, mercury and cadmium - will be undoubtedly disturbed during the construction of the pipeline and will contaminate the sea-water. This will cause unpredictable consequences for the Baltic Sea environment, flora and fauna. The people will also inescapably suffer, at least through the food chain.

When economical interests and protection of environment clash, as a rule, economical benefits prevail over environmental issues. This case is not an exception. The project of the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline is the first large-scale project of this kind in the Baltic Sea. Nobody before dared to risk the Baltic Sea environment for the sake of commercial profit.

We appeal to all people of good will to express your concern regarding irresponsible actions of politicians and potentially harmful actions of companies and to demand full disclosure of environmental risks of the project for the Baltic Sea and 85 million people living around the Baltic Sea basin.

With this message we will appeal to the institutions of the European Union and national Governments demanding that they initiate an independent environmental impact assessment of the Nord European Gas Pipeline project, which may result in ecological disaster of the Baltic Sea – “mare nostrum” of the EU.


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Wszystkie czasy w strefie UTC + 1 [czas letni (DST)]

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