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Autor:  Kuj2 [ 2008-11-11, 15:04 ]
Tytuł:  Piosenki z akcentami

Mam cokolwiek nietypowe pytanie...
Do prezentacji na lekcję mieliśmy wybrać dowolny temat z zakresu "kultura krajów anglojęzycznych", więc wybrałem wraz z koleżanką mój ukochaniutki, czyli sam język. A ponieważ ma być ciekawie, to planujemy puścić fragmenty kilku piosenek, w których da się słyszeć różne akcenty angielskiego, i mówię tu o tych najbardziej wyróżniających się - amerykański (łatwo będzie), brytyjski, szkocki, australijski (?).

Tylko że jeszcze nie mamy tych piosenek...

Czy mogę liczyć na kilka sugestii?

Autor:  digilante [ 2008-11-11, 17:28 ]

Try some Bob Marley for Jamaican; Kevin "Bloody" Wilson for Australian; Sweatband, Robin Auld, or Johannes Kerkorrel for South African white; and someone like Ladysmith Black Mambazo for South African black (the most accessible example is on the Paul Simon "Graceland" album).

Autor:  Kuj2 [ 2008-11-11, 17:41 ]

Wow, thanks. That's quite a lot of different accents. I'll surely use Bob Marley and Kevin Wilson.
How about some Scottish? Or British? Is Kate Nash a good example? (I don't like her, but for educational purposes...). I think I'll handle the American one ;)

Autor:  digilante [ 2008-11-11, 17:52 ]

Not quite "kraje anglojezyczne", but if you're really wanting more, try:

* ABBA :wink: - Sweden
* Rammstein (e.g. Stripped) - Germany
* Art Company (e.g. Suzanna) or Alamo Race Track (e.g. Black Cat John Brown) - Holland
* You could also try some ska accents - bands like The Specials (Ghost Town, etc)
* That godawful song from India... wait... mmmmm... Sorry, just sat for 10 minutes trying to remember and I cannot. Maybe try to find some Indian pop in English on youtube.

Autor:  digilante [ 2008-11-11, 17:58 ]


Scottish try The Proclaimers, 500 Miles
Welsh try David Gray "something Debauchery" - he is most strong in accent there
Irish, Irish... mmmm... U2, maybe some early albums - they were never really accented...

(Sorry, I'm a complete music nut - just in the process of ripping about 1500 of my CDs :D )

Autor:  Kuj2 [ 2008-11-11, 18:14 ]

I don't know how to thank you enough. That's basically all I needed and a lot more! You're like a one-person helpline. :)

Autor:  digilante [ 2008-11-12, 15:12 ]

Spanish English: Baccara - Yes Sir, I can boogie ;-)

Autor:  Kuj2 [ 2008-11-13, 16:58 ]

That's a horrible song :D Still, we'll surely use it. I've asked you before if Kate Nash is a good example of the British accent. What do you think? For me it's a little over the top and part of her image.

Autor:  digilante [ 2008-11-13, 17:11 ]

It sounded slightly Irish to me when I listened, and indeed she was born in Ireland, so I guess it would have some effect.

I'll try to think of some more...

Autor:  valdi55 [ 2008-11-14, 20:13 ]
Tytuł: ... re=related

as english as you are ever going to get, with a hint of a mersyside accent :-)

Autor:  Kuj2 [ 2008-11-14, 20:40 ]

The darkest place is under a candlestick, I guess. Thank you ;)

Autor:  MPS [ 2008-11-20, 17:15 ]

cockney/estuary English :)

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