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Wszystkie czasy w strefie UTC + 1 [czas letni (DST)]

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Hello guys.
I want to tell u some words about adrenaline bot (for lineage2). I'm not owner of this bot but i want to advertise it. I paid for it 20$ and it is worth it. You can run many l2 windows, w/o lags. Owner of this bot is really helpful. He answers on every question.
If u want to get more information, check here: http://l2bot.eu/.

The only bot, which bypass all advanced protections, including: LameGuard, Frost, hGuard, Gameguard - this will let you bot freely on 95% of Privs and all Offs. There is also no limits to the number of chars / servers on which you play. With intuitive interface and live built-in map, you will be able to start making profit in less then 5 min.

Powerful scripting engine
Self heal / buff, using any skill or item
Party heal / buff with priority settings
Full party automation:
ACCEPT / Send ******s
Assist MA, wait for attack
Smart follow
Protect party members
Easy to customize farm area
Pickup with complex filters
Fishing / Crafting
Configurable handling of 15+ events

and here some questions :

Frequently asked questions
Q : Does your bot works there, there and there, as well as here?
A : Our bot works almost everywhere! Of course, there are some servers which have a own, different anti-bot systems, but I am pretty sure, those servers are not even worth botting. Do not ask me to provide video/screenshots proofs via SKYPE, for such you can ask our forum community.

Q : How does your bot works - Ingame or out of game? Is it hard to INSTALL?
A : Our bot looks similar to l2walker and it is ingame version. Very easy to INSTALL and manipulate with, even if it will be your first contact with botting. It has inner interface with plenty of options, events and conditions.

Q : What is the price? Should I pay every month?
A : Price is 20$ for all servers. Yes, you have to pay for this bot monthly, we constantly make updates to improve our inner workability and create new bypassing methods - such service is worth of given price.

Q : What are available license types, lifetime included? Any discounts possible?
A : No, there is no trial or lifetime license at all. Discounts: If you are going to buy lots of licenses - for example 9 or more at once - we can discuss it via skype. Price will be good, don't worry

Q : Can I run your bot on multiple PCs simultaneously?
A : No, you can't. You must be aware that 1 bot license comes only for 1 pc as it bounds to your hardware ID. However, you are allowed to move your license (just once) to other pc/laptop - to do so contact me on skype (remember to include your license key).

Q : How many boxes can I run at any server?
A : You are able to run unlimited boxes amount, as much as your server will handle.

Q : What are available payment methods?
A : We are ACCEPTING ONLY paypal (family & friends option). We do not accept paypal requests, western union money transfers, skrill or any other. We also do not trade licenses for adena/characters.

Q : Stealth injection mode, what does it mean?
A : Stealth mode means, that bot works transparently and invisible for any antibot systems and guards. You will not be banned by these systems. Why are we pretty sure? Because we've tested it many times.

Q : Can this bot buff OOP?
A : Yes, you have all the opportunities to make your buffer support you out of party, follow / heal / recharge also included.

Q : Are any filters for drop pickup possible?
A : Yes, you can easly create list of items to PICK or just exclude unwanted.

Q : What about fllters for targeting / anti-ksing?
A : Yes, it's also included and working in the best way.

Q : And spoiler? Can I use spoil / sweep without tons of settings? How should I set these skills?
A : Everything is perfect about spoiler. Just add needed skills, select conditions from list and voila.

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Wszystkie czasy w strefie UTC + 1 [czas letni (DST)]

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